Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our Tour Continues with a Sneak Peek Inside!

Now that you've all had a chance to drive the neighborhood and check out the location of our new space, want to see a little of what's going on inside?  Grap a cool beverage and follow along for the next installment of our Guided Tour as we introduce you to the new home of CraftFusion!

Watch for CraftFusion to open Saturday, October 1st in our new home
in the Dobson Shores Shopping Center
(formerly The Scrubs Store)

Okay, we ended our last tour just before walking through the double doors.  Let's take it from there . . .

Excuse the dust, but as we've been saying, we're busy at work getting everything done for your "real" visit . . . it won't be long now!  And once you see what we've done with the place when you do come for your visit, we're sure you'll love it!  Go ahead . . . pull the door open and we'll continue with our Sneek Peek!

As you first step inside, you'll immediately get a feeling of how much larger and brighter our new home is.  See there towards that wall of windows?  That's Baseline Road on the outside, but on the inside will be the new home of our expanded classroom area . . . 25' wide x 18' deep . . . no more banging elbows! We can hardly wait!

Let's take a short break before going on.  Many of you already know him, but for those who don't, that's my husband, Pat.  He's the manager of a lot of departments here at CraftFusion . . . Maintenance, Building & Safety, Janitoral, Food & Beverage, Accounting & Expenditures (he's only an Assistant Manager in this Department, but we don't always tell him that!), and so many more.  Be sure to say "Hello" the next time you see him passing through!

After checking out our new large classroom area, turn to the left.  Those windows face out to Dobson Road, but just to the right, see that opening?  Let's walk through . . . we've got a surprise for you!

Pardon the tools and what-not, but welcome to our new "Mini Classroom" area!  The perfect spot for
those smaller Workshops, or maybe a small private gathering, the Mini Classroom will comfortably sit 6 to 8 people.  And with only a few short steps to the "facilities", what could be better?

Many of you have asked if we'll be taking the "Gentlemen's Throne" with us . . . that soft, cushy, overstuffed Grandma's chair now in the front corner of our current space.  Yes, we will, so you'll still be able to sit down and rest your tired feet and enjoy everything around you.  We have the perfect, "special" place just waiting for it's arrival!

Well, that's it for today.  Be sure to check back soon as we continue our guided tour when we show you some of the finished work and improvements we've been making inside our wonderful new space!  We think you'll agree, it's just perfect . . . larger, brighter, and so much more!

As a hint to our new location. set your sights for this popular local landmark . . . if you see our new neighbor, you'll know you've arrived!

Remember the new address . . .
1946 So. Dobson Road #1
Mesa, Arizona  85202
(next to Brilliant Bridal & Macayo's Restaurant
in the Dobson Shores Shopping Center
on the northwest corner of Baseline & Dobson Roads)
Check out our new location HERE
Effective Saturday, October 1st

We hope you're enjoying your tour as much as we are guiding you!  Until next time!

(480) 821-3758
2986 No. Alma School Rd. #4 ~ Chandler, AZ 85224
s/w corner of Alma School & Elliot Roads behind Bank of America
(located next to Catherine's & Kings Buffet)
Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm  ~  Closed Sunday & Monday

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