Thursday, September 8, 2016

Follow Along on a Guided Tour . . .

Work is starting on our new space and we couldn't be happier!  We're counting the days and working at a hectic pace to get everything done and set up before the big day, but we thought you might like to see where our new home will be.  So, relax and follow along for a short guided tour as we introduce you to the new neighborhood.

Watch for CraftFusion to open Saturday, October 1st in our new home
in the Dobson Shores Shopping Center
(formerly The Scrubs Store)

Let's start at the beginning . . .

Our new home is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Baseline and Dobson Roads in Mesa, Arizona, and can be easily seen from both directions.

With easy access from both Baseline and Dobson, there's plenty of parking for everyone. Plus, you'll find convenient parking in the area designated for CraftFusion at the courtyard entry.   (along the side of north building under Shoe Repair sign)

Monument Sign @ Baseline
Monument Sign @ Dobson
Follow along as our guided tour continues for a short walk down the shaded courtyard, and you'll soon be at our front door.  We're the second space just past Brilliant Bridal. You can see Dobson Road in the distance.

We've made it!  We're the ones with our own private picnic table just outside the front doors!

Well, that's it for today.  Be sure to check back soon as we continue our guided tour when we take you inside our wonderful new space!  We think you'll agree, it's just perfect . . . larger, brighter, and so much more!

As a hint to our new location. set your sights for this popular local landmark . . . if you see our new neighbor, you'll know you've arrived!

Remember the new address . . .
1946 So. Dobson Road #1
Mesa, Arizona  85202
(next to Brilliant Bridal & Macayo's Restaurant
in the Dobson Shores Shopping Center
on the northwest corner of Baseline & Dobson Roads)
Check out our new location HERE
Effective Saturday, October 1st

Until next time!

(480) 821-3758
2986 No. Alma School Rd. #4 ~ Chandler, AZ 85224
s/w corner of Alma School & Elliot Roads behind Bank of America
(located next to Catherine's & Kings Buffet)
Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm  ~  Closed Sunday & Monday

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  1. WOW! Such an awesome location! Can't wait to see it in person next month! :)

  2. You're always welcome, Pamela! Look forward to your visit!