Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'll Take Fries With That, Please . . .

Curl up in that comfy chair and relax as you read the next installment in our series of "The Forgotten Posts" from our monthly "ATC Workshop & Swap" Group Challenges . . .
We all do it . . . stop at our favorite hamburger joint for a burger and fries. While enjoying your fries, have you ever paid any attention to the container they're served in?  Usually, most of us wouldn't give it a second thought and just toss it in the trash once we'd finished our meal. But what if you were told "be creative", what sort of ideas would come to mind?  What would you create?  Where would you start?  That was the Challenge given at our "ATC Workshop & Swap" Group last March.  If you take just a minute and "think outside the box", each of these small containers is actually just a blank canvas, begging for all sorts of artistic touches.  Take a look at some of the amazing and creative results from our extremely talented group of artists . . .

"Moulin Rouge"
Charlotte Fern

(this month's Challenger)
"Penny For Your Thoughts"
Deb Schinzel
"How Do Your Flowers Grow?"
Charmaine Conway
"Feathered Nest"
Jean Hamrick
"Mr. Pom H. Frites"
Jessica Tucker
"Pretty Senorita"
Lylia Hagerty

Any member of the Group can challenge the others with creating something unique from any ordinary object that might not otherwise be considered "art". The only "rule" is that anyone who participates creates one Challenge Item for "Show & Tell" using everyday mixed media materials . . . embellishments, paints, papers, stencils . . . whatever strikes their fancy! Without any themes or other guidelines, the ultimate goal is to showcase each artist's personality through the type(s) of embellishments, decorations, or techniques used.

Join us in congratulating and thanking all of these great artists who took part in this Challenge!  We'd love to hear what you think, so please leave us a comment . . . or two! . . . and share your thoughts.  If you'd like to take part in our monthly "ATC Workshop & Swap" or Challenges, join us the second Thursday evening of each month from 6:00pm-8:00pm and you too can begin to think big in a small way!  No membership required and it's FREE!  Hope to see you there!

Watch for our next Challenge Results ~ Altered Bottles ~
coming soon!

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