Thursday, December 12, 2013

Join Us in 2014!

Saturday ~ January 4, 2014
Cost: $60.00 (includes lunch)

Join Cindy Kovack in her first Workshop at CraftFusion as you create your own exciting "found object" pendant similar to that featured in the Somerset Memories Magazine Spring 2013 issue and taught at Art Unraveled.  Now's the time to dig deep into your memory box and pull out your favorite copy of a baby picture, or maybe one that's near and dear to your heart of a favorite relative, pet, or friend (laser).  Cindy will provide pieces of vintage ephemera for you to chose from to decorate your art piece, but feel free to bring along small bits and pieces that will bring your piece to life to make it unique . . . antique buttons, jewelry from your mother or grandmother or favorite aunt, a key from grandpa's house, that dog tag that means so much from your beloved furry friend, something from your child or childhood that needs to see the light of day . . . anything that's special to you and might inspire you.  Your overall finished art piece will be approximately 3"x7", creating a beautiful and unique keepsake that would be perfect as a necklace pendant, wall hanging, album piece . . . the possibilities are limited only by imagination!  If you love mixed media art as much as Cindy, make your reservations now to spend a creative and exciting day with her in her first Workshop here at CraftFusion . . . you won't be disappointed!

Supplies to Bring:  Basic Craft Kit (BCK) including 1" acrylic application brush; Vintage Photo Distress ink pad or your favorite brown ink; Loctite Super Glue (Gel Type); small photos of you as a child or of a loved one, favorite pet, or friend (laser copy) that will fit within a 2" parameter (black & white preferred); corrugated crown (available from CraftFusion).  All other materials and supplies will be provided.

Stop in to see
the project sample . . .
we guarantee you'll absolutely LOVE it!

Call (480) 821-3758 now to save your space
and don’t miss a minute of this exciting
and creative Workshop!

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