Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pick a Card . . .

Last Thursday evening's monthly "ATC Workshop & Swap" was another fun evening, as well as a prime example of the talents of some very unique artists when they're thinking big in a small way!  With themes of "Oriental Splendor", "Sewing Bee", "Queen for a Day", or "Cook's Choice - Use a Stencil or Mask" to pick from, the most difficult part of the swap was again choosing which theme each artisit wanted to work with!  But, after much thought and a few false starts, eveyone was able to chose their favorite, and the creative juices began to flow . . . overflowed, in fact!  Just take a look for yourself!  Of course, everything looks better in person, so if you haven't already paid a visit to our expanding ATC Gallery, you really do need to stop in and check it out.  Like the Museum of Art at the Smithsonian, it's an absolute must-do because photos just can't do justice to these amazing mini works of art!

TOP ROW: "Oriental Splendor", Charmaine Conway; "Zebra Prints & Swirls
(Use of a Stencil)", Sheila Rose; "Sew, What is the Buzz About? (Use of a Mask)", Terri Durst
MIDDLE ROW: "Wild Queen", Jean Hamrick; "Birds (Use of a Stencil)", Nicole Durst;
"Oriental Splendor", Lylia Hagerty; "Create (Use of a Stencil)", Deb Schinzel
BOTTOM ROW: "Winged Flight (Use of a Stencil)", Charlotte Fern;
"Oriental Splendor", Jeanette Lee
Stop by & check out these & all of the fantastic works of art
in our ever expanding "ATC Gallery"!
For those who missed this month's Workshop, make plans now to join in the fun next month . . . Thursday, June 12th . . . when the monthly themes will be "Favorite Old Time Movie(s)", "Favorite Old Time TV Show(s)", "Zombies or Robots!", and "Ticket, Please!".  Pick just 1, or mix-and-match from 2, 3, or all 4 categories, but start “thinking big in a small way" and we'll see you then at this fun NO COST workshop.  From experienced to novice . . . you’ll definitely want to see what it’s all about for yourself!   It couldn't be any more simple . . . create 12 ATCs using the monthly themes (keeping 1 for yourself & bringing 11 to the Swap) . . . all the same or each one different . . . then come and share with others in a true workshop atmosphere. Or just stop in and see what's going on with other artists, ask questions, share information, have fun, and become inspired!
Remember to save the date . . .
the second Thursday of each month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm . . .
we look forward to seeing you there!
The group is growing, but there's always room for more!

Be sure to watch next month for the results of our newest "Challenge" where we'll all be creating "Altered Wooden Spoons".  The outcome is sure to be exciting so stay tuned!  Each Challenge is voluntary and the "rules" are easy ~  for everyone who takes part, create 1 Challenge Item for "Show & Tell" using everyday mixed media materials . . . embellishments, paints, papers, stencils . . . whatever strikes your fancy!  Stay tuned for the results of this month's Challenge,"Altered Tins", in an upcoming post!

Upcoming Month's Themes -
   June 12th ~ "Favorite Old Time Movie(s)", "Favorite Old Time TV
      Show(s)", "Zombies or Robots!", or "Ticket, Please!"
   July 10th ~ "Words of Wisdom from Charlie Brown", "Red Hot!",
    "Super Heroes to the Rescue!", or "Bingo!"
   August 14th ~ "Alice in Wonderland", "Aesop's Fables", "Things
     Under My Bed", or "Cook's Choice - ATC Triptych"

If you'd like to join us at this fun & exciting NO COST workshop, call (480) 821-3758 for more details or information and let your imaginations & creative juices flow!  (If you can't make the Workshop, but still want to take part in the Swaps, call and let us know.  We'll be your "Swapper"!  We'd still love to have you participate!)

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