Saturday, November 16, 2013

Show & Tell . . .

If you're a frequent visitor of CraftFusion, you know we always get excited about what type of projects our guests are creating and encourage them to bring in and show off their creations.  Once again, we've been lucky enough that one of our favorite visitors took us at our word and did just that.  And not only did she bring in art for "Show & Tell", but she's also allowed us to display it for you to purchase!

About a month ago, Sandy Ramsdell came in for a visit and purchased a number of papers from different collections.  When we asked her what type of project she was working on, she told us about her mixed media canvases that she creates using papers, paints, and various mediums.  Of course, our curiosity was peaked and we invited her to bring one or two of her pieces in to show off.  A few weeks later, Sandy returned with a few of her canvases in hand and we were definitely wowed when we saw what she'd created.  We could hardly wait to take photos to share!

"Abundance" ~ Sandy Ramsdell
Copyright 2013
Beginning with a standard, blank artist canvas and using papers in a similar color palette, Sandy has developed her own unique style of mixed media art. Incorporating images that have been sized to fit the canvas, they help tell her story with a minimal amount of words.  To compliment the papers and images she's chosen, she embellishes each piece with paints, inks, and any other product that helps tie in the theme of her project.  When she's happy with what she's created, she applies a finish that will preserve the beautiful colors and all the hard work she's put into each piece.

"She Sells Sea Shells" ~ Sandy Ramsdell
Copyright 2013

"Imagine" ~ Sandy Ramsdell
Copyright 2013

The photos hardly do the pieces justice, so the next time you come in for a visit, be sure to take a look at Sandy's beautiful canvases and see if you don't agree with us that these are true masterpieces.  They're truly "gallery worthy" and we guarantee you'll love each one!  And if you'd like to take one of Sandy's pieces home for yourself, or maybe with the upcoming holiday season you're looking for a unique gift for a special someone, just let us know . . . they're available for purchase at very reasonable prices.  Or, if you'd like to talk with Sandy about creating a custom canvas to suit your needs, let us know and we'll be happy to give you her e-mail address.

There you have it . . . more beautiful work from another one of our oh-so-talented artists!  We invite you to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of Sandy's projects.  And if you'd like to have us share one of your projects, please bring it in to show off.  We love seeing and hearing about everything you create!  Who knows?  You just may be our next "Show & Tell" Star!

Thank you for sharing, Sandy!

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