Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crop Away & Create!

Do you want a quiet, open work space so you can meet with friends and spend your day working on projects without having to worry about making a mess at home?  Then come and spread out in our bright classroom and crop area and create to your heart's content. Our room is available for your use and enjoyment at any time during regular store hours when classes aren't scheduled.  And for only $5.00* per person, what better way to spend an afternoon or the whole day!  The area can also be reserved for private parties and events!  We always have work space and seating available for 12 crafters with additional tables and seating available for larger groups.
Call  (480) 821-3758  today to make your reservations
and make yourself at home!
*$5.00 fee waived if you purchase store product in excess of $5.00 during your time when cropping.  Visit our website at for our work area policies.

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